President’s Message:

March 2020

Mountain Top Quilters Guild Grapevine Message, March 24, 2020 


As you are aware, there are many guidelines that have been issued by governmental agencies regarding citizen gatherings, in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of spreading the coronavirus among our population, especially those most vulnerable.  Our membership falls right into this category, so our decisions will always take into consideration the health and safety of each and every member of our quilting community.  In some cases, the decision to gather together is being made for us, as we know from the request from the First Lutheran Church that we stop gathering at their facility until further notice.  This caused us to cancel our planned April meeting.  The status of our May 18th meeting is still unknown, as the Board of Advisors for the church will meet again in a few weeks to make their recommendations regarding outside groups utilizing their facilities.  We must be flexible, so I intend to send Grapevine messages as we have new and vital information useful to our membership, hopefully on a weekly basis.  This will be in lieu of the monthly Newsletter, and posted on the guild website. 

Today, I conducted an emergency Board meeting to discuss our most pressing issue, the biennial Quilt Show.  Most important from this discussion is our decision to negotiate the postponement of the show until the fall time frame.  Right now, this seems to be the most beneficial to the guild, and minimizes our financial impact to members. We are negotiating with the show venue (Findlay Toyota Center, Prescott Valley) to identify the best dates, and will continue with our planning accordingly.  If you are currently part of the planning committee for the Quilt Show, expect to see email from the Co-Chairs, Susan Perry and Kristi McHugh, detailing the changes and other planning events associated with the show.  We look forward to conducting this show, and encourage all members to continue with their entries, and submitting your entry forms to ensure there’s a place for your quilt.  Entry forms and instructions for completing the form are still on our website, available for downloading.  This delay also gives everyone more time to finish your submissions for the Small Quilt Auction and your 19th Amendment Suffrage quilt! Please continue working on your boutique items. 

Spring Camp was cancelled by UCYC, at the last minute.  Refunds have been sent out to campers.  Also refunded were payments made for the April Program (Catherine Redford, Walking Foot Quilting). 

Community Quilts – Las Fuentes has asked us to NOT utilize their facility for our monthly workshops until further notice.  I’ve had discussions with Deb Mulcahy, and we have come up with a flexible plan to continue our efforts in this area.  Since much of our supplies are currently not available from Las Fuentes, we did an inventory of available kits for members to continue working.  As of today, there are 72 kits of pre-cuts available to make up quilt tops.  Also, there are 19 packages of tops matched with backing fabric, binding and batting.  Right now, these items are in my garage, awaiting members to volunteer to make them up.  So here’s what we’ll do:  We will establish drop off points in both Prescott and Prescott Valley. Dona Speights volunteered to be the PV point of contact, and I will be the Prescott POC.  We will each set plastic bins outside our front doors to be used for distribution of kits.  If you need something to do to give back to the community, please feel free to drop by either of our homes (addresses can be found in the guild Directory, and not published here), and take what you need to keep sane.  As you finish projects, you can return them to the same plastic bin, and Dona and I will make sure they get to the next correct place. 

There has been much discussion of late regarding making face masks.  Dona has been in touch with Marley House, and they are willing to take whatever we give them.  The face masks we make are simple and quick to make, not medically qualified, following a pattern available from the Turban Project website.  There are also good videos on YouTube for reference.  Distribution of completed face masks needs to be coordinated with Marley House staff, so please, if you decide to make these for donation, leave them in the drop off points plastic bins mentioned above, and we’ll arrange a coordinated deliver to Marley House.  If you need flannel to be used on the back of the mask, please let me know, there is a stash ready for use in my garage.

Programs: Since we needed to cancel the April Catherine Redford’s Program and workshop, we will attempt to reschedule her for a future date.  Additionally, we are re-evaluating tentative Program speakers for July, August and September, in the event reschedule is needed for these.  More information will become available as time passes, and we have more clarity into the current health crisis. 

Housecleaning – If during this time of self-isolation you take on the task of cleaning out your work space and supplies, please know that the guild will gladly accept your donation of no-longer needed items.  Any donations received will become part of our Community Quilts ‘remote’ effort. Once we resume our regular schedule, you can consider hanging onto your excess materials until we conduct our rummage sale. 

For our Committee Chairs (other than the Quilt Show), please gather up any reimbursement requests still outstanding and submit them for processing. And then, this is important, please stop spending any budgeted amounts until further notice. 

During these turbulent times, the board agreed to pause other non-essential guild activities until we know more.  This includes the board election for the coming year. The current board agreed to remain in place until the election occurs, and the new board takes over.  There is still an opportunity for you to be involved in managing guild activities, as we have an opening for President-elect.  Please contact either me or Diana Ramsey if you want to help out.  We very much appreciate our volunteers who work so hard to keep us afloat. 

Be safe, and take care of one another.  I’ll be in touch soon.

Diane Stockhaus

March 2020

I am sharing this on Monday, February 24, after I got home from the monthly Community Quilts workshop: Today, I met a wonderful woman. This lady was visiting her sister who lives at Las Fuentes, having traveled to Prescott from Iowa City, IA. She told me she saw on the Activities Schedule that MTQG would
be there today, so she decided to see what we are all about, and there she was, standing in the middle of the organized chaos, smiling brightly. We chatted about the activities going on in the workroom, and she asked me probing questions. How big is your guild? How many members do you have? How often do you meet? Do you have mini-groups? How about guild challenges? Workshops? Community Outreach efforts? She was so curious, and seemed so happy, with the sweetest smile. We only spoke for a short time, but we shared a bond. You guessed it – she is a quilter, and she seemed to find great comfort with fellow quilters while she was so far from home. We chatted for a little bit longer, and she told me about her quilt
guild in Iowa City…informing me that the guest speaker at her next guild meeting will be Mary Fons, and she was so excited!
And then her husband interrupted our conversation to let her know they would be late, and needed to leave…so off she went. It was then that I realized, after she was gone, that we never exchanged names…we just talked and talked, and I forgot to ask her name! It only took a few minutes for me to realize I do know her name – Quilter! She is a quilter, as we all are, and we find each other everywhere we go! We are so blessed! Keep smiling, and happy quilting, everyone!
Diane Stockhaus

Ode to My Wife, the Quilter

She learned to quilt on Monday, her stitches were very fine.
She forgot to thaw out dinner, so we went out to dine.
She quilted miniatures on Tuesday, she say they are a must.
They really were quite lovely, but she forgot to dust.
On Wednesday, is was sampler, she says the stippling is fun.
What highlights? Oh what shadows, but the laundry wasn’t done.
Her charm quilt was on Thursday, green patches, blue and red
I guess she really was engrossed, she never made the bed.
It was wall hangings on Friday, in colors she adores
But she never seemed to notice the crumbs on all the floors.
I found a maid on Saturday! My week is now complete.
My wife can quilt the hours away, the house will still be neat
Well, it already Sunday, I think I’m about to wilt.
I cursed, I raved, I ranted-the Maid has leaned to quilt!



February 2020

Ah, the season of love! Valentine’s Day brings out the hearts and flourishes to be shared with our loved ones – our spouses, our children and grandchildren, even our fur babies! This month is also a reminder that we all share a common love, too…the love of quilting! And let’s not forget Community Service. We give so much back, and we love doing it. Let’s always remember those less fortunate, and continue our service to share our beautiful quilts to satisfy the need in our community. Love – a strong emotion, but also spiritually fulfilling. Happy quilting, everyone, and let’s keep loving what we do.  Diane Stockhaus

January 2020

Happy New Year! This time, I’m in the right month…really! As we end the Christmas holiday festivities, and work through our resolutions for self-improvement, a moment of reflection falls upon us. We often look back and evaluate our activities, then move forward with the goal of striving to do better. For our guild, we achieved so much during the year just passed, and we plan to do better in the year to come. Personally, I’m looking forward to the TOAD reveal and Fun Day – both planned for January. Our members are so talented, and viewing their work is so inspiring! In February, our guest speaker will teach us about Barn Quilts – an American treasure. In March and April, Programs will address thread painting and folk art stitching, respectively. And in May, we will reveal our Community Quilt Challenge entries. There’s so much going on! All of this is in preparation for our biennial Quilt Show in June – a special event enjoyed by so many quilters who come to us from all over Arizona. So, let’s join together and continue enjoying the fruits of our labor, to make Quilting even more fun! Let’s make 2020 a year to remember! Diane Stockhaus

A quilter’s Prayer, by an anonymous quilter:

Dear Lord, I don’t ask or require very much. Some colorful scraps of thread fabric and such. A sewing machine that works all day without hitchers. Sewing straight and even seams and stitches. A hand that is steady and can work for hours. Creating wondrous, colorful birds and flowers. A needle so short and strong and fine. That it’s hard to believe this quilting is mine. Smooth thread with no tangles, ragged edges or knots. That glides through the batting in difficult spots. Square corners, no lumps, flat even binding, No waves or loose threads to later be finding.When I h ave all these things there is great satisfaction. This tangible quality is the attraction. The quilt will be beautiful, comforting to touch. Freely given to another who I love very much. I love quilting in every part, From beginning to end, it come from the heart. I have so many ideas of quilts to make, but sleep is my enemy; I can’t stay awake. The patterns and settings dance in my dreams, as my mind plays with fabrics and color schemes. I pray for energy, stamina and time to make all of the quilting ideas that are mine. May your sorrows be patched and your joys quilted.

December 2019

I know that I am not alone in loving this time of year…the crisp air, the occasional snowfall, the little
children eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa. And of course, the gathering of family to help celebrate this
holy season is exciting and welcome. Hopefully, those quilted gifts are finished, or nearly so, so that they
can keep everyone warm and toasty! And, as another year approaches, we begin to mentally plan the next
projects, hoping they don’t become next years’ TOAD submission. Oh, the challenges! And so much to
look forward to, as well. Happy quilting, everyone, and let’s make 2020 a special and grand year!
Merry Christmas to all of you and Happy New Year
Diane Stockhaus

November 2019

As we approach the holiday season, we are reminded of the many things we are grateful for…our family
and friends, our health, our hobbies and passions, and perhaps best of all, we should be thankful for the
talent of our fellow Quilters. Each month, I’m ever amazed at the display of creativity shared during the
Show & Tell portion of our monthly meetings. The creativity inspires, the workmanship is admirable, and
the imagination soars! Additionally, I am reminded that members of this guild are so generous in its
giving – giving of time, giving of knowledge, and giving of spirit. So I am grateful once again to be a small
part of this magnificent organization. And in this spirit, I wish you all a great and Happy Thanksgiving!
Sew on, quilters!
Diane Stockhaus

October 2019

Quilt inspiration by Jacquie Scuitto
I went to a quilt show and what did I see
But more kinds of quilts than I thought could be;
There were hugh ones and minis and lots in between
Combinations of colors that I’d never seen.
Some quilts were just triangles, others all squares.
I saw appliqued angels, rabbits and bears.
I saw fanciful shapes and stars all aglow,
All the quilts with no ribbons and the grand Best of Show!
I never have known such excitement before.
When is the next show? I want to see more

September 2019

Inspiring words about why quilter’s do what they do…….

This quilt is made of cloth and thread

To place upon your little bed.

It’s not an heirloom just to keep

But to lie upon as you count sheep.

Or perhaps the floors the perfect place

For a doll or teddy picnic place.

This quilt can be anything you dream,

From Superman’s cape to the robe of a Queen.

Pretend it’s a raft adrift at sea

Or just to cuddle up when you watch TV.

So use it up and wear it out

I promise I won’t yell or pout.

Just tell me when it’s days are through

And I’ll make another one just for you.

—-Author Unknown