This month of August the following members are asked to bring a treat for fellowship break time. Please bring your treat that is finger-food ready to eat in 2 containers labeled with your name. Place one of them in the side room (next drinking fountain) and the other on the kitchen counter. Be sure to collect any remaining food and container after the program from the kitchen counter. THANK YOU for so graciously providing a tasty bite. Marcia Jacobson, Jimmie Johnson, Shelia Johnson, Genny Kerutis, Elaine Ketchum, Peggy Knox, Cathy Koppel, Gail Kozak, Norma Kurr, Iris Lacey, Kathy Lamoureux, Judy Larson, Marty Lensink, Fran Leslie, Carole Lewis, Pat Little, Sam Logan, Connie Lord, Gale Lovelady, Sherrye Loveland