Refreshments for February 2020

    Feb 03, 2020


 For February the following are being asked to provide a tasty finger food treat in 2 containers labeled with your name and ready to serve. Lynn Vache’, Nadeen Van Dyke, Mary Vaugh, Cathy Vetrano, Kathy Vinson, Sue Von Hagel, Tess von Nessi, Jan Walls, Pat Ware, Rosemarie Watson, Sharon Watt, Kathy Weinhold, Kay Wentworth, Bobbie Williams, Darlene Williams, Darlene Willliams, Kathleen Williams, Marie Willison, Sandra Wolf, Sandra Wright, Shelley Wronka, Janice Zolnierowicz. Your willingness to share with us is very much appreciated. OH! And don’t forget to pick up any leftover treat you made or purchased. THANK YOU

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