We love show and tell! Our members bring quilts, both old and new, to our meetings to display and tell bits of information about how they were made or for whom.

These quilts and their stories may inspire the rest of us to make a similar project.camera Often we merely enjoy looking at others' work with awe. In either case, show and tell is one of the most popular portions of guild meetings.

Each month, all of the quilts shown will be featured here for you to enjoy as well.


show and tell heading

November 2017:


Betty Foley


Mary Jane Godwin


Charlene Coxworth


Angie Christy


Gail Henry


Jan Sullivan


Bobbie Turnbow


Sherrie Hubbs


Kay Wentworth


Kay Hoff


Marcia Jacobson


Sandra Wolf


Ronnie Sandoval


Lois Frank


Lois Frank


Marcia McMullen


Lori McCarthy


Ann Novak


Michele Schneider