One of the goals of a quilt guild is to provide its members with learning experiences that they may use to develop quilting skills. These experiences are often best provided by lectures or workshops given by both national and local teachers. MTQG provides programs like these each month at general meetings.

Occasionally our meetings may be more social in nature, such as the spring luncheon or ice cream social, and our annual Christmas luncheon.

Quilts and quilting are always part of the day no matter what the occasion.

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MTQG - Hopi Quilting Connection in Flagstaff

May 4, 2017

Note: Several photos may be seen below article 

Visit the Hopi Indian Arizona Quilters at this link


On May 4, 2017, about a dozen MTQG quilters were able to connect with eight ladies from the Hopi reservation to meet, fondle fabric, view some of the Hopi items on display in the Museum of Northern Arizona, and have a late lunch at Sizzler’s. 

Pitfalls seemed to abound but we made it through. Here’s just a few of them:

 1. You’re all aware of the confusion on the date that almost cancelled the visit. After some juggling on all sides, about half of the MTQG group were able to adjust some plans and make the trip.  It was well worth the effort.

2. A major police action blocked traffic on Hwy 40 and kept Jennifer’s van from arriving at Odegaard’s until after 10.  You would be proud of the MTQG group…we saved some fabric for them.

3. Some confusion at the museum.  Along with the regular museum viewing, Jennifer arranged a personal tour of the anthropological storage facility.  We were to be picked up in the parking lot.  Only there was a bit of confusion as to which parking lot we were to wait at.  Many of the MTQG crew weren’t able to wait at this point so only 4 MTQG representatives continued the tour and visit.

However, chaos could not keep us down! Here’s our day in a nutshell: 

Fabric Fondling and meet n greet: We arrived around 9 at Odegaard’s who provided coffee, snacks, name tags, and a meeting area for us to have our initial meet and greet.  This was my first visit to their store.  Awesome folks!

The Museum of Northern Arizona:  We broke into two groups and headed in opposite directions to make it easier for all to see the displays and continue our visiting. Then we adjourned to the anthropology collection building for our personal tour of items not currently on display. Those who were able to continue the tour were in for a very special treat.  What was to be a 20 minute briefing became a 45 minute in-depth viewing, lecture, and question and answer period that I won’t soon forget. Cases were opened to us that displayed items collected over the last 80 years such as, silversmith/jewelry, pottery, basket weaving, textiles, and best of all; naming quilts.

Our Late Lunch:  We finally pulled ourselves away and headed to Sizzler for a quiet visit and meal with the Hopi ladies. After reenergizing ourselves with sustenance and more comradery, we headed home. 

I feel we were fortunate to respond to Jennifer’s letter and can’t say how much I appreciate all she did to put this visit together.  Looking forward to the next visit!

 Bobbie Turnbow

Hopi Meeting

Hopi Meeting

Hopi Meeting

Hopi Meeting