One of the goals of a quilt guild is to provide its members with learning experiences that they may use to develop quilting skills. These experiences are often best provided by lectures or workshops given by both national and local teachers. MTQG provides programs like these each month at general meetings.

Occasionally our meetings may be more social in nature, such as the spring luncheon or ice cream social, and our annual Christmas luncheon.

Quilts and quilting are always part of the day no matter what the occasion.

Scheduled programs and workshops will be presented here, but please see the easelprogram chairperson at general meetings for more information and to sign up for workshops you may be interested in taking.


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Julie Hocker Program - May 19, 2015

Julie Hocker, of Ladyhawk Designs, presented a trunk show of her quilts and a lecture on how we look at creativity - a capability whichJulie Hocker she maintains all of us actually do possess!

In the afternoon, Julie taught a class in 3D Thread Drawing. The class began with a short review of free motion basics. It then moved on to instruct participants in how to create three-dimensional plants and flowers. No fabric needed. It's all done with thread!

Please note: Two photos taken during the workshop may be seen just below the slide show.





Hocker workshop

Hocker workshop