One of the goals of a quilt guild is to provide its members with learning experiences that they may use to develop quilting skills. These experiences are often best provided by lectures or workshops given by both national and local teachers. MTQG provides programs like these each month at general meetings.

Occasionally our meetings may be more social in nature, such as the spring luncheon or ice cream social, and our annual Christmas luncheon.

Quilts and quilting are always part of the day no matter what the occasion.

Scheduled programs and workshops will be presented here, but please see the easelprogram chairperson at general meetings for more information and to sign up for workshops you may be interested in taking.


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Carolyn O'Bagy Davis Program - August 15, 2016

Carolyn shared the story of Hopi textiles and the history of quilting on the Mesas in northern Arizona.

A slide show of Hopi quilts displayed during her talk is shown below her bio.


Carolyn, a fourth-generation descendant of Utah pioneers, has written fourteen books on the history of archaeology, quilting, and western history. Her book, Carolyn ObagyHopi Summer, was named One Book Arizona 2011. She earned her B.A. degree in Anthropology from the University of Arizona in 1971. Carolyn lectures extensively to history, archaeology, and quilting groups around the country, and has curated many traveling museum exhibits including: Goldie Tracy Richmond: Quiltmaker and Indian Trader, Hattie Cosgrove's Mimbres Archaeology in the American Southwest, Quilting from the Hopi Mesas, and Quilted All Day: The Quilts and Prairie Journals of Ida Chambers Melugin. Carolyn is a member of the Arizona Humanities Council's Speakers Bureau, www.azhumanities.org

Carolyn is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Smoki Museum of American Indian Art and Culture (www.smokimuseum.org), Prescott, Arizona. She was the founding president of the Tucson Quilter's Guild (1976) and also Old Pueblo Archaeology Center (1994). She has served on the board of the American Quilt Study Group, the Treasure Hill Foundation (Mimbres Culture preservation), the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society, and was recently inducted into the Society of Women Geographers (the women's association affiliated with the Explorer's Club; she was profiled in They Made Their Mark: An Illustrated History of the Society of Woman Geographers). Davis has appeared on Simply Quilts, a feature program on HGTV, American Quilter on Lifetime, and assisted with a film documentary on the history of Hopi Indian quilting produced with support from PBS. In September 2010, she was inducted into the Arizona Quilter's Hall of Fame.

Carolyn Obagy