One of the goals of a quilt guild is to provide its members with learning experiences that they may use to develop quilting skills. These experiences are often best provided by lectures or workshops given by both national and local teachers. MTQG provides programs like these each month at general meetings.

Occasionally our meetings may be more social in nature, such as the spring luncheon or ice cream social, and our annual Christmas luncheon.

Quilts and quilting are always part of the day no matter what the occasion.

Scheduled programs and workshops will be presented here, but please see the easelprogram chairperson at general meetings for more information and to sign up for workshops you may be interested in taking.


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Barb Willis  Program: January 15, 2018


Barb Willis is a Prescott residence who has had her quilts all over Europe and Asia.  She is truly a International Instructor and lecturer.  She quilts and dyes a lot of silk, velvet and unusual fabrics for her  pieces. Barb discussed how she  creates the fabrics for her quilts.

Bar led a class after the January 15 meeting on dyeing a silk scarf.


Quilts shown during the lecture are pictured below: