August is the last month to get your information printed in the 2017-18 Directory.  Please make sure you have paid your dues and that you have given me any updates to your address, phones, or email.  I am hoping to have the new Directories available for pick up at the September meeting.

We had several new members and one returning member last month.  Please take time to introduce yourself to them and extend an invitation to join one of our many Mini-groups. Ruth Ann Clark (returning member), Midge Clouse, Colleen Cristea, Marcia Jacobson, Laurie Kelley, Carole Lewis and Linda Snavely


Membership forms may be downloaded from the Forms page.

Diana Ramsey, Membership Chair


August 21:

For August the following members are asked to share a finger food, ready-to-eat treat with us.  All types of treats are enjoyed.  Label your 2 containers with your name.  Your willingness to provide a treat is very much appreciated.  Thank you.    Dawnell Muecke, Deb Mulcahy, Eve Nadelberg, Peggy Nehring, Janet Nieuwenhoff, Ann Novak,  Alive Obrenovich,  Susie Opdahl,  Lorraine Owen, Suzy Palmer,  Susan Perry, Susan Peterson, Cindy Phare, Sharon Phelps, Barbara Phiel,  Sally Plummer,  Phyllis Pohlman,  Patricia Pond.

Hospitality Chair: Dolores Schrock

community quilts

Community Quilts is a Service Project for Mountain Top Quilters.  We meet the 4th Monday of each month for a workday.  Finished quilts are distributed throughout our Community to over 27 non-profit organizations.  These include, but are not limited to Hospices, children adoptive services, family and women's shelters, hospitals, veteran's organizations and special needs.  We are most grateful to Las Fuentes who allows us to use their community room for our monthly workday.

Their address is 1035 Scott Drive, Prescott. Please park on the west side of the building. The garage door will be unlocked from 10 - 11 am.  After that, enter at the main entrance and go downstairs.

August 28 is the next Community Quilts workday from 10:00 – 3:00.   We are able to get into our room at Las Fuentes for Community Quilts by 9:30 a.m. to set up.

Remember to bring your sewing machine, $3 for pizza, or your own sack lunch.  coffee, salads, and desserts are provided.

General meeting:  at the CQ table pick up quilts needing quilting, tying, or binding and a quilt top kit.  Drop off UPC codes from Hobbs batting.  Bring finished projects. 

Always needed:  Hobbs UPC Codes

Hobbs Charity Batting Program gives us a HUGE discount on 90" x 30 yd rolls of batting.  We use about 2 per work day.  We need 5 UPC's per bolt ordered so you can see our need for the UPC's.  The UPC's can be from any size package of Hobbs batting you may personally use.  Both Michael's and Hobby Lobby carry Hobbs.

Recommended quilt sizes:  Quilts for children and adults should be rectangular, approximately 42” x 56”----nothing too much bigger because of the difficulty of quilting on a domestic machine.  Baby quilts should be at least 36” x 46”.

See MTQG promotional video Here.

A total of 546 quilts have been distributed this year through the Junel meeting.

Where Do Our Community Quilts Go?

Note: Updated April 2107

Community Quilts Team for 2017-2018: Dona Speights, Chair, Maureen Tritle, Co-Chair, Jan Walls, Quilt Deliveries, Judy Larson, Does everything, Ivy Chavez, Memory Album and all the incredible women who work tirelessly on creating these beautiful quilts each month.

Mini-Group News:

If you are a Mountain Top Quilters Guild member you can join one of our Mini-Groups.  A Mini-Group is a much smaller version of the guild.  Mini-Groups give you a chance to meet and know more quilters as well as to learn more. There are 9  Mini-Groups in our guild that have room and are wanting new members. 

If you are interested in joining a mini-group, here is a list of the ones currently available through MTQG. Information about the groups, and when they meet is available at this link.

Fidget Quilts - new mini-group and MTQG project (new photos)

The list was updated November 2016.

Mini-group chair: Sherri Hubbs

Please bring any borrowed books to the July meeting.

 See a complete listing of the books in our MTQG library by Author or by Subject. Updated 10/21/16

Librarians: Meg Roberson & Terry Robertson


Thread Brigade:

Volunteers for the August Thread Brigade are Iris Lacey, Peggy Nehring, Kathleen Williams, Jan Walls and Bunny Autrey.  Please remember that if you are unable to meet your monthly volunteer responsibilities, you should attempt to find a substitute.

Maintaining a clean space at the church helps to insure our continued use of the facility for our monthly meetings.  The Thread Brigade is responsible for vacuuming carpet in the aisles, between pews, and in the podium area; and using sticky rollers to pick up loose threads on the pews themselves.  All volunteers should meet prior to the general meeting to assign tasks, and supplies will be distributed after the general meeting concludes.

As always, thanks for your help with this essential task.

Chair: Diane Stockhaus





to the website for Mountain Top Quilters Guild of Prescott, Arizona. We are so glad you came to visit and hope you will view photos of our beautiful quilts, and learn about our many activities.


August Newsletter

Show and Tell - July photos are now available

Karen Fisher Program Photos

Summer Quilt Camp Photos

MTQG - Hopi Quilting Connection in Flagstaff - See Photos

Chamber of Commerce display - August quilts now on display

Chair: Kay Wentworth

Youth Quilting Program (YQP):

We are excited to with this newest concept for our guild.  Thank you to all the members who came to our first planning meeting or who couldn't come but want to be involved in helping plan, organize and/or teach youths in our community the joy of quilting.  If you have an interest in helping us,  please let me know and I will add your name to our email list to keep you up-to-date on our plans and progress.  Stay tuned for further progress reports!

Chair: Diana Ramsey

Fall Camp Registration Form

Sign for this fun event beginning at August meeting. Dates are 11/7 through 11/10.

Chair: Charlene Coxworth

New Members Group next meeting: August 18

Jan Adams with her President's Quilt

Jan Adams-President's Quilt

Jan Adams received her President's Quilt from MTQG at the June 2017 luncheon as a thank you for her service to our guild.

2018 Opportunity Quilt:

2018 Opp quilt

MTQG has finished making our new opportunity quilt under the direction of Sherri Hubbs. The pattern is by Karen Kay Buckley.

The following quilters hand appliqued the blocks: Sharon Heilman, Lucy Fields, Joan Carrell, Pam Edwards, Carol Miller, Maxine Everaert,  Cheryl Giovenco, Barbara Phiel, Marcia McMullen, Kathy Barrett, and Veronica Sandoval. Angie Christy machine quilted the quilt and Martie Winkelman made the label.

Lapreil Schwan and Fran Leslie will be in charge of marketing our quilt. Please help by signing up to help at events where it will be shown.

New Financial Form: A New process has been added for collection of money. The Cash Receipt Form is available at the underlined link or on the forms page.

Note: (Please read the information about the process of receiving cash Here. If you need more information, please contact Michele Schneider, MTQG treasurer.

Past Presidents and their MTQ or MTQG commemorative quilts

Did you know.......?

Photos for the Website:

When submitting photos to be displayed on the website, please use the landscape orientation (largest size from left to right) when taking your pictures. The portrait orientation (taller rather than wider) does not work in our slideshows. The webmaster appreciates your help with this!

Accuquilt Cutter:

All members may take home the Accuquilt Go fabric cutter for personal use. There are many dies available and the Accuquilt Go Release form, along with the full list of dies, is posted under Forms/Links then click on MTQG Forms. Generally you may check out the cutter and dies for one or two weeks at a time, subject to the sign up list. To sign up, please read, print, and sign the Accuquilt Go Release form and then email or call Kathleen Bond.

Upcoming Quilt Shows
- Updated through November 2017

MTQG Bylaws and Standing Rules may be found Here

Listing of MTQG officers from previous years is available Here.


2017-2018 Board

Board Members 2017-2018: Carol Cooley, President; Diane Stockhaus, President Elect; Michele Schneider, Treasurer; Maureen Carr, Programs; Susan Masse, Secretary; Pam Easley, Programs

program info

August 21: Jan Smith Trunk Show

September 18: Marcia McMullen Trunk Show  (general meeting)

September 18: Scrap Placemats Workshop

In the afternoon of our general meeting 9/18 p.m.  from 1:00-4:00 Karen  Justus and Geri Hrsek from Sun City West are teaching a Scrap Placemats class. - $20.  This fun class is in much demand at their local quilt club.  It's all about using your scraps to create lovely works of art.  There are examples on the program board and members can start signing up.

Placemat sample

For more information on upcoming programs, check Here or contact Program Co-chairpersons: Pam Easley and Maureen Carr


August 21:

The August ECHOS session will be a demonstration of Stack & Whack techniques by Betty Foley.

September 18:

There will NOT be a September ECHOS session, as that time will be used for a Program of Scrap Placemats class.

See Tips and How-To Information Here

Remember, there are no fees for these classes –they are presented to us by the skillful members of our own Guild. So just come and get lots of new ideas and learn some interesting tips and quilting skills.

For more workshop information, please see the ECHOS page!

Co-chairpersons: Maureen Carr and Diane Stockhaus


general meetings

MTQG meetings are held every third Monday of the month at:

First Lutheran Church
231 Smoke Tree Lane; Prescott, Arizona

Next meeting is Monday, August 21, at 9:30 a.m.

Directions to the church may be found here.