membershipThanks to everyone who has kindly updated us with their address, phone or email changes this past year!  It helps us keep our contact information straight. We had no new members in December.

Membership forms may be downloaded from the Forms page.

Diana Ramsey, Membership Chair


February 20:

This month of flowers and hearts, roses and sweets reminds us of the love and joy we feel when quilting. And, of the friendships we find in MTQG. We ask the following to share a treat with us this cookiesmonth as we mingle in friendship with one another during break time. REMEMBER: 2 containers labeled with your name, non sweet and sweet items are appreciated, and the treat is finger food ready to serve. Thank you to each of you for sharing with us. Jan Adams, Karen Adams, Priscilla Albrecht, Sandie Allen, Anna Marie Ansbach, Marlene Armentrout, Yolanda Arp, Bunny Autrey, Patricia Autrey, Janet Bailey, Kathy Barrett, Lynn Beck, Beverly Berg-Hansen, Jeannine Bleicher, Nancy Blevins, Kathleen Bond, Betty Bourgualt, Beverly Bowe, Carlotta Brandenberg, Terri Brown, Anne Brutsche

Hospitality Chair: Dolores Schrock

community quilts

Community Quilts is the service project for Mountain Top Quilters. We meet the 4th Monday of each month for a workday. Finished quilts are distributed throughout the community to non-profit hospices, children adoptive services, and family and women’s shelters. We are most grateful to Las Fuentes who allows us use their community room for our monthly workday.

Their address is 1035 Scott Drive, Prescott. Please park on the west side of the building. The garage door will be unlocked from 10 - 11 am.  After that, enter at the main entrance and go downstairs.

February 27 is the next Community Quilts workday from 10:00 – 3:00.   We are able to get into our room at Las Fuentes for Community Quilts by 9:30 a.m. to set up.

Remember to bring your sewing machine, $3 for pizza, or your own sack lunch.  coffee, salads, and desserts are provided

General meeting:  at the CQ table pick up quilts needing quilting, tying, or binding and a quilt top kit.  Drop off UPC codes from Hobbs batting.  Bring finished projects. 

Always Needed:  Hobbs UPC codes!  Hobbs gives us a nice discount with their UPC codes and we used them up on our last order. 

Recommended quilt sizes:  Quilts for children and adults should be rectangular, approximately 46” x 56”----nothing too much bigger because of the difficulty of quilting on a domestic machine.  Baby quilts should be at least 36” x 46”.

See MTQG promotional video Here.

Where Do Our Community Quilts Go?

Community Quilts leaders for 2016-2017:
Marcia McMullen, Dona Speights, Judy Larson & Ivey Chavez. Kay Denny delivers the quilts

Mini-Group News:

If you are a Mountain Top Quilters Guild member you can join one of our Mini-Groups.  A Mini-Group is a much smaller version of the guild.  Mini-Groups give you a chance to meet and know more quilters as well as to learn more. There are 9  Mini-Groups in our guild that have room and are wanting new members. 

If you are interested in joining a mini-group, here is a list of the ones currently available through MTQG. Information about the groups, and when they meet is available at this link.

Fidget Quilts - new mini-group and MTQG project (new photos)

The list was updated November 2016.

Mini-group chair: Susan Masse

Bring your books to the February meeting.

 See a complete listing of the books in our MTQG library by Author or by Subject. Updated 10/21/16

Librarians: Meg Roberson & Terry Robertson




to the website for Mountain Top Quilters Guild of Prescott, Arizona. We are so glad you came to visit and hope you will view photos of our beautiful quilts, and learn about our many activities.


February Newsletter

Show and Tell - February photos are now available

Jane Hamilton Program photos


New Financial Form: A New process has been added for collection of money. The Cash Receipt Form is available at the underlined link or on the forms page.

Note: (Please read the information about the process of receiving cash Here. If you need more information, please contact Michele Schneider, MTQG treasurer.

New Members Meeting - March 6

Chair: Kristi McHugh

Chamber of Commerce display - New quilts now on display

Chair: Kay Wentworth

Spring Quilt Camp 2017:

MTQG Spring Quilt Camp is April 25-28, 2017.  Total cost for the 4 day event is $230 per person.  Please fill out both of the forms below and return them with your $100 deposit at the MTQG meeting on Feb. 20th If anyone is unable to print these forms, we will have copies available at the sign-up table.  Please note the deposit is non-refundable unless we can find someone to fill your spot. Space is limited and we will also have a waiting list.  The balance of the $130 is due at our MTQG meeting March 20th.

Spring Camp Form and UCYC Release Form

Please Note: Both forms need to be downloaded and filled out!

2018 Opportunity Quilt:

MTQG has finished making our new opportunity quilt under the direction of Sherri Hubbs. The pattern is by Karen Kay Buckley.

2018 Opp quilt

Mountain Top Quilters Guild 2016-2017 Member Challenge:

Join us for MTQG BLACK – WHITE & BRIGHTS Challenge

The rules are simple:
1. Choose a category of quilt, wearable or purse/tote.
2. Must be finished to enter.
3. Must have clearly visible amount of black and white fabrics and at least 3 “BRIGHTS”!
4. Each entry must have 3 layers and be quilted.
5. Quilts must be from 60’ to 160’ in diameter (circumference or 15x15x15x15).
6. Wearable - either jacket or vest.
7. Purse or Tote 10 X 12 or larger.
8. You may choose to enter once in each category,
9. Each challenge must have a cloth label—quilts on back bottom right corner, wearable, inside right side, purse or tote, inside right side.
***Due at May meeting 2017, they will be displayed and voted on at our June luncheon and meeting
Cost is $5.00 to participate in each category.
*** The board has asked us to limit the number of entries to 30 due to space limitations for display and voting. All spaces are filled.

Please call Martie Winkelman with any questions.

Past Presidents and their MTQ or MTQG commemorative quilts

Did you know.......?

Photos for the Website:

When submitting photos to be displayed on the website, please use the landscape orientation (largest size from left to right) when taking your pictures. The portrait orientation (taller rather than wider) does not work in our slideshows. The webmaster appreciates your help with this!

Accuquilt Cutter:

All members may take home the Accuquilt Go fabric cutter for personal use. There are many dies available and the Accuquilt Go Release form, along with the full list of dies, is posted under Forms/Links then click on MTQG Forms. Generally you may check out the cutter and dies for one or two weeks at a time, subject to the sign up list. To sign up, please read, print, and sign the Accuquilt Go Release form. Then email or call Kathleen Bond.

Upcoming Quilt Shows
- Updated through November 2017

MTQG Bylaws and Standing Rules may be found Here

Listing of MTQG officers from previous years is available Here.

program info

March 20: MTQG member Maxine Everart trunk show

Following are some things Maxine is sharing with us about her quilting story:  "I began sewing when I was 4 years old with my nanny, Ellen.  We did doll clothes.  During my life there was always a lot of sewing going on including my being a 4-H leader and being named 4-H leader of the year for Montana in 1955.  I did not sew quilts until much later.

My first quilt was made in 1983 for my daughter Renee's bridal shower.  It was supposed to be a simple quilt...log cabin.  I self taught myself to hand quilt and to this day still hand quilt the quilts that I hope my family will pass down in their families.  Because I was teaching I did not make another quilt until my youngest daughter, Teri,was married in 1989. It was a fun project done entirely by hand..crazy quilt.

Then my daughter, Shanna was married in 1991 and again for her shower I made a quilt.  At that time I was getting ready to retire and did so in 1993.  My wish for retirement was that I have time to quilt...It is my life now."

For more information on upcoming programs, check Here or contact Program Co-Chairs: Fran Easley and Marti French


March 20:

Diana Ramsey will have a demonstration of the techniques for making a Tee Shirt quilt.  Diana is an expert on that after all the fire quilts she created.

April 17:

RUMMAGE SALE.  Start gathering all your sellable items for the sale. 

See Tips and How-To Information Here

Remember, there are no fees for these classes –they are presented to us by the skillful members of our own Guild. So just come and get lots of new ideas and learn some interesting tips and quilting skills.

For more workshop information, please see the ECHOS page!


general meetings

MTQG meetings are held every third Monday of the month at:

First Lutheran Church
231 Smoke Tree Lane; Prescott, Arizona

Next meeting is Monday, March 20, at 9:30 a.m.

Directions to the church may be found here.