We are welcoming the following new members to our guild:  Susan Barrett, Carol Covert, Karen Danknick, Jill Davis, Kay Fitzgerald, Sandie Hoppe, Diane Masters, John Ramsey, Lynn Vache', and Ingrid Vorava.  Please introduce yourself and get to know some of these quilters.  Remember to let Diana know if you change any of your information for the Directory.

Membership forms may be downloaded from the Forms page.

Diana Ramsey, Membership Chair


February 19:

For February treats, the following members are being asked to bring one for a tasty bite to enjoy with a beverage at break time. Your willingness to provide a treat is very much appreciated. THANK YOU. Carol Cone, Carol Cooley, Rae Cooper, Linda Coppola, Linda Cox, Charlene Coxworth, Linda Craig, Colleen Cristea, Judy Dallner, Suzy Davidson, Kay Denny, Julie Dodds, Carolyn Doyle, Kathy Dunn, Pam Easley, Carolyn Edwards, Pam Edwards, Suzanne Ely, Judy Eppler, Maxine Everaert 

Hospitality Chair: Dolores Schrock

community quilts

Community Quilts is a Service Project for Mountain Top Quilters.  We meet the 4th Monday of each month for a workday.  Finished quilts are distributed throughout our Community to over 27 non-profit organizations.  These include, but are not limited to Hospices, children adoptive services, family and women's shelters, hospitals, veteran's organizations and special needs.  We are most grateful to Las Fuentes who allows us to use their community room for our monthly workday.

Their address is 1035 Scott Drive, Prescott. Please park on the west side of the building. The garage door will be unlocked from 10 - 11 am.  After that, enter at the main entrance and go downstairs.

 February 26, 2018 is the next Community Quilts workday from 10:00 – 3:00.   We are able to get into our room at Las Fuentes for Community Quilts by 9:30 a.m. to set up.

Remember to bring your sewing machine, $3 for pizza, or your own sack lunch.  coffee, salads, and desserts are provided.

General meeting:  at the CQ table pick up quilts needing quilting, tying, or binding and a quilt top kit.  Drop off UPC codes from Hobbs batting.  Bring finished projects. 

Always needed:  Hobbs UPC Codes

Hobbs Charity Batting Program gives us a HUGE discount on 90" x 30 yd rolls of batting.  We use about 2 per work day.  We need 5 UPC's per bolt ordered so you can see our need for the UPC's.  The UPC's can be from any size package of Hobbs batting you may personally use.  Both Michael's and Hobby Lobby carry Hobbs.

Recommended quilt sizes:  Quilts for children and adults should be rectangular, approximately 42” x 56”----nothing too much bigger because of the difficulty of quilting on a domestic machine.  Baby quilts should be at least 36” x 46”.

See MTQG promotional video Here.

A total of 546 quilts have been distributed this year through the Junel meeting.

Where Do Our Community Quilts Go?

Note: Updated April 2107

Community Quilts Team for 2017-2018: Dona Speights, Chair, Maureen Tritle, Co-Chair; Jan Walls, Quilt Deliveries; Judy Larson, Deb Mulcahy do everything; Ivy Chavez, Memory Album; and all the incredible women who work tirelessly on creating these beautiful quilts each month.

Mini-Group News:

If you are a Mountain Top Quilters Guild member you can join one of our Mini-Groups.  A Mini-Group is a much smaller version of the guild.  Mini-Groups give you a chance to meet and know more quilters as well as to learn more. There are 9  Mini-Groups in our guild that have room and are wanting new members. 

If you are interested in joining a mini-group, here is a list of the ones currently available through MTQG. Information about the groups, and when they meet is available at this link.

Woolies- Focus is on hand-work, especially working with wool. They meet on the 3rd Wednesday from 10 - 2 PM . They meet in members homes and work on projects involving wool.  Participants bring their own lunch. Contact person is Kathleen Bond.

Fidget Quilts - new mini-group and MTQG project (new photos)

The list was updated September 2017.

Mini-group chair: Sherri Hubbs

The following new books are making their appearance in the Library:  fiction by Ann Hazelwood includes Quilt The Town Christmas; Josephine’s Guest House Quilt; and Everlasting Quilts.  We have also added Terrific T-Shirt Quilt: Turn Tees into Treasured Quilts.

Just a reminder to pull out those library books you have had for two months (or in  some cases, longer) and bring them    back to our next meeting on February 19. 

See a complete listing of the books in our MTQG library by Author or by Subject. Updated 10/21/16

Librarians: Meg Roberson & Terry Robertson


Thread Brigade:

February volunteers are Jan Walls, John Ramsey, Ann Novak, Sharon Watt and Carolyn Hamilton. Remember, if you are unable to help clean up during the month you volunteered, please help by finding a replacement volunteer to take your place.

The Thread Brigade is responsible for vacuuming carpet in the aisles, between pews, and in the podium area; and using sticky rollers to pick up loose threads on the pews themselves.  All volunteers should meet prior to the general meeting to assign tasks, and supplies will be distributed after the general meeting concludes.

As always, thanks for your help with this essential task.

Chair: Diane Stockhaus





to the website for Mountain Top Quilters Guild of Prescott, Arizona. We are so glad you came to visit and hope you will view photos of our beautiful quilts, and learn about our many activities.


February Newsletter

Show and Tell - February photos are now available

Debbie Sullivan Program Photos

Fun Day Photos

Youth Quilting Program Photos

Chamber of Commerce display - New Western quilts on display

Chair: Kay Wentworth

MTQG - Hopi Quilting Connection in Flagstaff - See Photos


Youth Quilting Program (YQP):

We had an awesome start to our new program, with 7 girls learning to use their machines and many, many MTQG members helping them each week.  We want to thank all of the members who volunteered to spend an afternoon sharing their knowledge and friendship with the young sewers.  Without your kind assistance, this class just could not happen.  Also, thanks to those of you who generously gave us more supplies and equipment.  At this time, we seem to have everything we need to continue our success in the next session.  We have 6 girls registered for the January-February session, with room for 4 more.  There has been a lot of interest in the session and we hope to have the class full with 10 students.

In our next session, we will begin teaching the students how to make a simple four-patch quilt with a heart theme for Valentine's Day.  We will be teaching basic rotary cutting skills, accurate piecing and ironing, and how to sandwich, bind and tie the final product.  Please sign up to help on February 28.

Chair: Diana Ramsey

Community Quilts Challenge 2018:

How are those challenge quilts coming along?  Remember the quilts need to finished by the April Guild meeting for submission into the voting for best Challenge Quilts.

Thirty Guild Members signed up at the April 2017 meeting and took home the assorted Mary Englebright fabrics to use in a 43 inch by 55 inch quilt.   The top three finished quilts will be decided on by the Guild Members in the April 2018 meeting.  The winners will be announced at the June Quilt Show with all the Challenge quilts in a special display entitled "Mary, Mary Quite Contrary."  All the quilts will be donated to local charities as part of our Community Quilts projects.

For the April guild Meeting:

1.) Please safety pin to the center back side of your challenge quilt a piece of paper with your name on it.

2.) Keep the first two rows (on your left side as you enter) of pews in the front of the church empty and reserved for the challenge quilts.

3.) Check-in for the participants will be in the church Narthex.

4.) Winners will be announced at the Quilt Show.

CQ Challenge Leader 2018: Marcia McMullen

Spring Camp 2018 Registration:

Spring Camp Registration will start on February 19th before our MTQG Monthly Meeting!  Camp dates at UCYC are April 10-13.
Please make your $100.00 non-refundable check (or cash) out to MTQG and have your form completed when signing up.  Your final payment of $130.00 will be due at the March 19th MTQG Monthly Meeting.  The form is available on the Forms Page.   We have room for 25 campers but will take a waiting list because "life" happens!

Please contact Dona Speights or Maureen Tritle for any questions.  

New Members

Next meeting - February 21
See New Member page for more information and photos

Please contact Martie Winkleman or Karen Adams if you have any questions.

2018 "Quilts of the High Desert Quilt" Show

There’s just a little over 100 days to go before our show opens  and we want our members’ quilts to display for Viewers’ Choice Awards, Quilts with a Story, Small Quilts Auction, and Welcome Vignette, not to mention the Community Quilt Challenge.  Also, there are the boutique items that are starting to come in, but much more is needed. 

Just make note of the deadlines and the different ways quilts are to be turned in. Forms and instructions are on the website, or contact the committee chair.

You can start turning in your registration forms at the meeting this month.  There will be a receptacle available as you check in.

Our upcoming quilt show committee meetings will move to Wednesdays at 10 am, Feb. 28 and March 28.  Any member is welcome to join us at Miller Valley Baptist Church in Prescott, AZ.

Show Chairs Jan Adams or Linda Marley

Quilt Show Forms:

2018 Quilt Show Entry Form

Small Quilt Auction:

Small Quilt Auction donation form and Sample Quilt Label are available now on the Forms page.

Once again, we will have a small quilt auction at our June quilt show.  Please consider contributing a new quilt you’ve made.  What do we mean by small?  Think wall hanging size (definitely smaller than a throw).  Turn your completed quilt into Kathy Barrett or Susan Perry along with a descriptive form (found under forms on our website) by May 21st.

Quilts With A Story:

Quilts With A Story registration form

Wanted: Quilts with a Story

We are having a quilt turning  with your stories.  This is a highlight of our Quilt Show. These quilts will delight and amaze you.  We need you to lend us your quilts that have a story.  Don’t be shy, if you think you have a quilt that we might want, please give me a call or e-mail.
What is a Quilt with a Story you ask?  This is a special time when Quilt Show Spectators gather to hear enchanting quilt stories.  Every Quilt has a story…but some are better than other.  Please look over your quilts and let us know if you have one.

Kay Harlan:  Chairman

Hanging Sleeve how-to information

Quilt Show Hanging:

Quilt show entry forms can now be found on our website.  You must be a paid member to enter your work in the show.  Please fill out the form as completely as possible, attach a color picture of your entry to the top right corner using tape or glue (no staples, please), and turn in the form to Terry Robertson.  She will have a basket at the sign-in table in the Fellowship Hall at each meeting.  Your quilt/entry doesn't have to be completely finished but there must be enough of it to take a color photo, as this is one of the items we refer to when we are arranging the quilts for hanging.  You may submit up to 5 entries, however, if we have more entries than we can accommodate, not all of your entries may be included in the show. This is why it is very important to number your quilts by priority, which is noted on the form under the Quilt Name line.

When choosing the Category for your entry, pick the one that MOST represents the project.  If you are unsure, you can call Kathleen or Diana for assistance. If you have a quilt/project that you would like to be handled delicately, you may include a clip-type hanger (skirt hanger) with your quilt for handling purposes only.  The quilt will NOT be hung in the show by the hanger and will still need a proper sleeve.  

Co-chairs: Kathleen Bond and Diana Ramsey

Quilt Show Brochure Advertising:

This year for the first time we will have brochure for our quilt show.  I am currently approaching businesses to buy advertising to help defray the cost.  We have 5 options available:

1/8 page for $20

1/4 page for $40  

Half page for $75

Full page for $150

Back Cover for $200

This is a great way to get your business in front of the 1500+ attendees to our quilt show.  

If you have a business and would like to advertise in the brochure please contact Lori McCarthy (you may use our Contact form to reach her).  If you know people interested in advertising with us, please pass their information to me.  Deadline for all advertisers is 4/16/18.  Appreciate everyone’s help to make our first quilt show brochure a success.

Chair: Lori McCarthy

Welcome Vignette:

The first thing Quilt Show attendees will see upon entering MTQG's quilt show will be a circle of happy quilters, doing what quilters do--stitching and chatting, laughing and enjoying each other's company, as well as their projects!  And they'll be surrounded by "Quilts of the High Desert"!  If you have a Southwest quilt that you can loan for display in the Welcome Vignette, please let me know.  It should not be a new quilt--your new quilts need to be entered in the Show.  Quilts for the Welcome Vignette may have been shown before, but this time around, they will be gathered together in a special grouping in our entrance exhibit.  It doesn't matter what size they are.  Quilts for this display need to include an identifying label (as does any quilt you make!).  Instructions for "handing over" your Southwest quilts will be provided closer to Quilt Show time.  Right now, I am only collecting names of quilters willing to share a Southwest quilt in the 'Welcome Vignette'. 

Chair: Carolyn Edwards


We are asking minigroups to check in with us regarding items they are making so we have no overlaps and get a better idea of what to expect.

Co-Chairs: Erin Sullivan and Sue Ely

Award Ribbons

A volunteer is needed who has the software to digitize our quilt show logo into an embroidery machine format, either to PES or HUS.  Also let her know if you embroidery machine owners are willing to help make some or all of about 25 centers needed for our award ribbons.

Chair: Angie Christy

Contact Show Chairs Jan Adams or Linda Marley for further quilt show information.

2018 Opportunity Quilt:

2018 Opp quilt

MTQG has finished making our new opportunity quilt under the direction of Sherri Hubbs. The pattern is by Karen Kay Buckley.

The following quilters hand appliqued the blocks: Sharon Heilman, Lucy Fields, Joan Carrell, Pam Edwards, Carol Miller, Maxine Everaert,  Cheryl Giovenco, Barbara Phiel, Marcia McMullen, Kathy Barrett, and Veronica Sandoval. Angie Christy machine quilted the quilt and Martie Winkelman made the label.

Note: Just a reminder that all guild members should pick up an envelope of opportunity quilt raffle tickets.  They are available at every guild meeting at a table by the kitchen area.  Please bring $10 for the 12 enclosed tickets.  Show your appreciation for all of the beautiful work that is exhibited on this quilt.

New Financial Form: A New process has been added for collection of money. The Cash Receipt Form is available at the underlined link or on the forms page.

Note: (Please read the information about the process of receiving cash Here. If you need more information, please contact Michele Schneider, MTQG treasurer.

Past Presidents and their MTQ or MTQG commemorative quilts

Accuquilt Cutter:

All members may take home the Accuquilt Go fabric cutter for personal use. There are many dies available and the Accuquilt Go Release form, along with the full list of dies, is posted under Forms/Links then click on MTQG Forms. Generally you may check out the cutter and dies for one or two weeks at a time, subject to the sign up list. To sign up, please read, print, and sign the Accuquilt Go Release form and then email or call Kathleen Bond.

MTQG Bylaws and Standing Rules may be found Here

Listing of MTQG officers from previous years is available Here.

program info

March 19: Nancy Lee Chong

In March we have Nancy Lee Chong from Washington State.  She will be doing a program on her Hawaiian Quilting and a workshop the next day on the Hawaiian Quilting method.  I don't think we have had an instructor at the guild teaching the Hawaiian Method.  I hope to have the pattern decided and (maybe) an example by the general meeting.


For more information on upcoming programs, check Here or contact Program Co-chairpersons: Pam Easley and Maureen Carr


March 19:

Jan Walls will demonstrate a double disappearing nine patch technique.  

See Tips and How-To Information Here

Remember, there are no fees for these classes –they are presented to us by the skillful members of our own Guild. So just come and get lots of new ideas and learn some interesting tips and quilting skills.

For more workshop information, please see the ECHOS page!

Co-chairpersons: Diane Stockhaus and Marie Willison


general meetings

MTQG meetings are held every third Monday of the month at:

First Lutheran Church
231 Smoke Tree Lane; Prescott, Arizona

Next meeting is Monday, March 19, at 9:30 a.m.

Directions to the church may be found here.